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  • Sometimes a walk-by act will spontaneously turn into a circle show.
  • They most often worked within small spontaneously organized groups and "under cover".
  • Most small stones are passed spontaneously and only pain management is required.
  • They do not require treatment because they resolve spontaneously over the first few weeks of life.
  • It had no hope of being spontaneously inhabited by trees for another ten years.
  • The memorial is a permanent version of one students spontaneously created using smaller stones.
  • The celebration of his life had begun spontaneously within half an hour after his death had been announced.
  • Several of the ships on both sides spontaneously opened fire.
  • The celebration of this day began spontaneously among students and others from early on.
  • After his daughter was found, he spontaneously threw a party.
  • Such celebrations may be attended by those who spontaneously ask to be allowed.
  • The idea is for the students to practice the particular construct until they can use it spontaneously.
  • In biological field studies it can also mean that information or data were obtained spontaneously without a specific method.
  • Such an area is usually encouraged by public policy-making and planning, but sometimes occurs spontaneously.
  • When two objects were touched together, sometimes the objects became spontaneously charged.
  • Small parties can form spontaneously, but large ones usually require a fair amount of planning and preparation.
  • Over the years, the development of the University occurred somewhat spontaneously.
  • Some were planned and others were spontaneously created by the settlers themselves.
  • The hospital spontaneously begins to burn as they escape into the light.
  • Normally, it occurs spontaneously at full term either during or at the beginning of labor.
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Meaning of spontaneously

  • adverb In a spontaneous manner
    this shift occurs spontaneously