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  • This was the first use of the splendid water-power at that point.
  • This officer's splendid example inspired courage into every man who saw him.
  • But apart from it, this region has an ancient and splendid history behind it.
  • A splendid idea - or is there more going on behind the scenes than is admitted?
  • England too, though it had splendid schools of its own, sent scholars.
  • He was also known as a splendid public speaker and political writer.
  • And he had built within the city walls splendid buildings the like of which were not seen in all countries.
  • In course of time they have altered it until it became very large and splendid.
  • Live performances of folk music, dance from all parts of india are shown under one splendid stage.
  • The house is notable for its splendid architecture, but it may be more well known for another reason.
  • A splendid dining hall and few smaller rooms are placed on the west part.
  • It's splendid that she has turned down the offer of more money to stand by her principles.
  • The citizens felt that at last they had a splendid school - one that would serve the town for ages.
  • Martin ended up getting splendid reviews and launched a very successful solo career as an actor.
  • He took part in splendid operations, which went down in the history of the Russian foreign intelligence service.
  • Tell the emperor, the splendid hall fell to the ground.
  • It was a splendid test of my feelings about this war.
  • The library also offers a splendid view high above the Ohio River.
  • Under his leadership the present location of our splendid Cathedral was acquired.
  • Some regard these as being among of the most splendid looking of all orchids.
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