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  • That such people have spent so much of their time thinking about who?
  • He had his first heart attacks and spent six months in the hospital.
  • He spent nine months on the islands, much longer than he had intended.
  • The game tracks how much time has been spent playing the game.
  • They can also spend much or all of their lives on dry land.
  • Much of the following year was spent on prison ships off the American coast.
  • He spent three years in the military, but his unit was never called to combat.
  • After his wife's death in the same year he spent time travelling.
  • It seems he spent much of his childhood moving from town to town with his family.
  • He spent most of his career in the city.
  • He was not popular in England, and spent little time there.
  • I spent twenty-five years of my life there. Cited from Moody's Anecdotes And Illustrations, by Dwight L. Moody
  • He had spent twenty-two years as Principal of the school.
  • He spent most of his life in New Jersey and died at home.
  • His health seemed to improve, and he spent the summer in high spirits.
  • I spent two or three years in the philosophy program.
  • Since his early childhood he spent his free time by drawing on any material he could find.
  • He spent long hours reading books in the prison library.
  • He spent twenty-four hours, daily, living up to it. Cited from Bruce, by Albert Payson Terhune
  • A large part of this time they spent visiting various branches of the family.
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Meaning of spend

  • verb Pass time in a specific way
    how are you spending your summer vacation?
  • verb Pay out
    spend money
  • verb Spend completely
    I spend my pocket money in two days