spectral asymmetry

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  • Info In mathematics and physics, the spectral asymmetry is the asymmetry in the distribution of the spectrum of eigenvalues of an operator. more...
  • Giving the series this interpretation gives rise to the idea of spectral asymmetry, which occurs widely in physics.
  • The need for both a positive and negative spectrum in the definition is why the spectral asymmetry usually occurs in the study of Dirac operators.
  • This resulted in a series of papers on spectral asymmetry, which were later unexpectedly used in theoretical physics, in particular in Witten's work on anomalies.
  • The general series is discussed in greater detail in the article on spectral asymmetry, whereas methods used to sum it are discussed in the articles on regularization and, in particular, the zeta function regulator.
  • In addition, the spectral asymmetry is interpreted as a non-zero vacuum expectation value of the baryon number, cancelling the topological winding number of the pion field surrounding the nucleon.