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  • Within each field, students are given the opportunity to specialize in specific areas.
  • A specialized search engine and display software were also needed to access it.
  • After two years playing both sports, he decided to specialize in baseball.
  • Each academy specializes in a particular study with their own mission statement and required classes.
  • Today, the town is a regional commercial and industrial center specializing in the food industry.
  • Many houses have several large rooms with specialized functions and several very small rooms for other various reasons.
  • He was a figure of influence who declined to specialize in only one field.
  • Players typically specialize or naturally play in a certain way, based on what they can do best.
  • He is among the more colorful historical figures, despite being little known outside specialized history.
  • At later levels, these are also split, allowing higher level characters to specialize.
  • Additional Japanese cultural events were held, including community support from local groups who specialize in these events.
  • There has also been a growth in companies specializing in providing technical support to other organizations.
  • Most private schools have been established around a specific academic field and have become known for specializing in that area.
  • The school offers learning in all subjects, specializing in marine technology and science.
  • A journalist can work with general issues, or specialized in certain issues.
  • In addition there is a large number of specialized higher education institutions covering a wide range of different areas.
  • He has a degree in fine arts, specializing in industrial design.
  • It provides an opportunity for children to learn from other parents who are more specialized in certain areas or subjects.
  • They each specialize in a magic type based on one of the four classical elements.
  • There is also a specialized form of fine art in which the artists perform their work live to an audience.
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Synonyms of specialize

Meaning of specialize

  • verb Become more focus on an area of activity or field of study
    She specializes in Near Eastern history
  • verb Suit to a special purpose
    specialize one's research, this kind of beak has become specialized in certain Galapagos finches
  • verb Devote oneself to a special area of work
    She specializes in honey bees, This baker specializes in French bread