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  • Info A spearhead is the sharpened tip (head) of a spear.
  • She spearheaded a campaign which resulted in the school taking the government to court.
  • The University has spearheaded research in open and distance learning in the country.
  • We are using them as a spearhead to get a showing of British films.
  • He also spearheaded the movement to have Canadian literature taught in schools.
  • Shortly before his death, he spearheaded the stadium's first major expansion.
  • On that day, he spearheaded the capture of an enemy-held hill while wounded by enemy fire.
  • After reaching the river, one part of the Army would turn north creating a northern spearhead.
  • The woman who spearheaded the fight against the plant, died of cancer shortly after the plan was abandoned.
  • He also helped to launch and spearhead a number of independent, campus-based publishing efforts.
  • While governor, he won wide notice for the major reorganization of state government he spearheaded.
  • A large number of war arrows and spearheads have since been found in the area.
  • All the six spearheads of our forces have been attacked while we don't know exactly where their main force is.
  • So to his arms he had added a spearhead with a point like a needle. Cited from The Iron Star, by John Preston True
  • They were formed into units intended to spearhead future Allied landing operations.
  • They received many other accolades because they were the spearhead of contemporary music of that time.
  • Porter also spearheaded the effort to write basketball and football rule books specifically for high school competition.
  • Thus, when the Russian spearhead breaks through, there will be nothing in its path.
  • They would then send in small groups of men sometimes spearheaded by special forces, making effective use of sniper teams.
  • The organization also spearheaded efforts to bring callboxes to off-campus housing areas.
  • These two divisions successfully cut the supply lines to the Soviet spearheads.
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Meaning of spearhead

  • noun Someone who leads or initiates an activity (attack or campaign etc.)
  • noun The leading military unit in an attack
  • noun The head and sharpened point of a spear
  • verb Be the leader of
    She spearheaded the effort to find a cure for the disease