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  • At one year they are about long, and they first spawn at three years.
  • Thus, a spawning female should return to its home as often as possible.
  • They can look like an entirely different fish outside of spawning season.
  • An activity may spawn one or more child activities, which may themselves have children.
  • It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version.
  • Females spawn a year earlier during warm years than they would during cold years.
  • The male begins to approach the female around two days before the spawning.
  • With these units also in some cases fish spawn will be shown as a large fish.
  • Within three years, the platform had spawned a total of no less than seven cars.
  • If they waste too much energy, they might not be able to spawn.
  • When they return to spawning grounds, their bodies become red and their heads turn green.
  • They may come closer to the coast when they spawn in the summer.
  • Spawning is observed to take place from late winter in early summer.
  • The fish spawns several times in a season, sometimes daily for a long period of time.
  • The parents may be ready to spawn again in a couple of weeks.
  • The game spawned a series of follow up games which were released throughout the 1980s.
  • Like most cars this will spawn in many places even when you're driving it.
  • Spawning of some species may occur any time during the year.
  • Once spawning is finished, they will usually eat any of the eggs they can find.
  • Pieces will appear to reach the bottom as soon as they spawn.
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Meaning of spawn

  • noun The mass of eggs deposited by fish or amphibians or molluscs
  • verb Lay spawn
    The salmon swims upstream to spawn