Spasmodic Caress

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  • Info Spasmodic Caress were an English post punk/new wave band that played many gigs along the East Coast in Essex, Ipswich, Colchester and London between 1979 and 1984.
  • After leaving Spasmodic Caress, he became a multi-instrumentalist and composer in the insane picnic, playing on all of their releases.
  • Peter Ashby is an English musician and composer, and a founder member of the bands Frenzid Melon, Spasmodic Caress and the insane picnic, as well as co-founder of Falling A Records with Barry Lamb.
  • It had a roster of several bands on its own label, such as the insane picnic (sic) and Spasmodic Caress, as well as cassettes and some vinyl it distributed for other D.I.Y cassette labels including Cause for Concern, Subway, Adventures in Reality, Music for Midgets, Third Mind and Colortapes.