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  • A three-way bridge has three separate spans which meet near the center of the bridge.
  • The village spans from north to south but only from east to west.
  • The album is notable for only including one song, which spans the entire album.
  • Each of the complex's five bridge spans has its own name.
  • The bridge was long and in two spans with an island in the center.
  • Some of the characters live for hundreds of years but most have normal life spans.
  • The military history of the United States spans a period of over two centuries.
  • His career in flight began at an early age, and spans his entire lifetime.
  • The bridge spans and the road deck is above the river level.
  • While they are similar in basic appearance, major differences can be seen between the original and second spans.
  • The history of the Jews in Italy spans more than two thousand years.
  • Both of these characteristics have been used to study such variations over long spans of time.
  • Since then dozens of prison book programs have been established, although many have had short life-spans.
  • The park spans the river, and parts of it are a designated local nature reserve.
  • Whereas previous efforts would be recorded in short time spans between tours.
  • The city spans a distance of up to from the southern to the northern limits.
  • This spans more than a quarter of the nation's existence.
  • In total, this species measures from in length and spans across the wings.
  • A crossover in comic book terms only occurs when a story spans more than one title.
  • Where a junction spans several hundred metres, both start and end locations are given.
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Root form of spans is span for both verb and noun.

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Meaning of spans

  • noun The complete duration of something
    the job was finished in the span of an hour
  • noun The distance or interval between two points
  • noun A unit of length based on the width of the expanded human hand (usually taken as 9 inches)