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  • In a career spanning over four decades he has directed six feature films.
  • There she discovered her letters to him spanning twenty-three years.
  • These languages typically are limited to an area spanning about one day's walk.
  • The final design eventually took up one city block spanning Market Street.
  • They were usually made up of a number of extended family groups spanning three or four generations.
  • Tamil literature has a rich and long literary tradition spanning more than two thousand years.
  • She appeared in eight episodes spanning the series' seven-year run.
  • The gallery's collection includes several pieces spanning art throughout the centuries.
  • In a career spanning more than forty years, his law practice was among the largest and most successful in the state.
  • If each edge has a distinct weight then there will be only one, unique minimum spanning tree.
  • She had a career spanning six decades in TV, in film, and on stage.
  • Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades.
  • The university offers a wide variety of degrees spanning across seven colleges.
  • The Civil Services Examination is a three-stage process spanning nearly twelve months.
  • Editors may, and very often do, seek multiple terms, sometimes ultimately spanning several years.
  • In a career spanning over six decades, Martin has worked in music, film, television and live performance.
  • He has a career spanning five decades, and his plays are routinely performed all over the world.
  • At this point his international career had shown unusual longevity - spanning almost two decades.
  • Their tribe had reached a population into the tens of thousands over an area spanning seven thousand miles.
  • It includes thirty tracks spanning two CDs, of which three are original new songs.
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Root form of spanning is span for the verb.