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  • His service to his state and nation spanned more than forty years.
  • She has had a long, successful career that has spanned nearly six decades.
  • His career spanned seven decades, during which he became known for many different roles.
  • Her career spanned over forty years with appearances in over forty films.
  • Her career on stage, screen and television has spanned over six decades.
  • The writing and recording process spanned two years and five California recording studios.
  • The album's songs spanned every studio album with the exception of the first.
  • Her career has spanned theatre and stage for nearly two decades.
  • Everything but the Girl released a body of work that spanned two decades.
  • Her long and varied career spanned both silent and sound film, television, stage and radio.
  • His career spanned more than three decades, including appearances on stage, in films and on television series.
  • The two characters were in a popular on-again/off-again relationship that spanned the entire decade.
  • The empire spanned over a thousand miles north to south.
  • It spanned into three different models and was produced in South Africa for the local market.
  • His active writing career on historical subjects spanned more than fifty years, during which he published ten books and numerous articles.
  • His show business career had spanned a half century.
  • It spanned both sides of Church Street and both sides of the railroad tracks.
  • A long bridge spanned from the northern shore to the 'port' on the southern bank.
  • Drivers are listed under only one era, even if their careers spanned more than one.
  • Their mutual interest in music led to a highly successful music collaboration that spanned more than twenty-five years.
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Root form of spanned is span for the verb.