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  • Spanky goes to meet with his parents where they pick him up to take him home.
  • Spanky is currently single and has one daughter from a previous relationship.
  • Spanky wants nothing to do with this and would rather not act at all.
  • It was through these groups that Spanky met other musicians that taught him what he knows today.
  • Spanky has been quoted many times about the love he has for his hometown.
  • Spanky's love for music began at an early age.
  • Spanky has a change of heart and decides to win the prize and give the money to the girl.
  • When Spanky's mother returns, the two boys run to school.
  • Spanky is looking for the money and cannot find it.
  • They look around for Spanky and find him in the kitchen.
  • Spanky enters only to say that he knows he was going to be in for it when everyone came back home.
  • Spanky also finds his dad's money and begins throwing it out the window.
  • The cave is too dark so Spanky goes back home to get a flashlight.
  • Spanky also credits playing in church as the reason he is so fearless and has so much fire in his musical style.
  • Everything seems in order, until they find that a gorilla named Spanky is missing.
  • That plan is also foiled and then Spanky's parents return home.
  • Spanky then finds the anniversary money and puts it in his back pocket.
  • During the height of the trouble they've found, Spanky wakes up from his dream.
  • Ray is in trouble for running numbers on Spanky's territory.
  • She takes that money and shows it to Spanky's father who also jumps to the wrong conclusion.
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