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  • They already had a form of government way before the coming of the Spaniards.
  • When the next group of Spaniards visited the place, they asked for its name.
  • Many natives died as they tried to fight against the better-armed Spaniards.
  • Spaniards also began to mine the area along the river.
  • The Spaniards did not understand, and having found no gold, they soon departed.
  • For the first two days out of the village, the Spaniards were not attacked.
  • They thought that by joining the Spaniards, they could gain their own independence.
  • When the Spaniards arrived, they asked the natives the name of the place.
  • Instead, a number of smaller operations against local Spaniards were conducted.
  • There were no organized communities in the area before the Spaniards arrived.
  • At the same time some Spaniards passed by the village.
  • The Spaniards did not impose their language to the degree they did their religion.
  • Those who were not made prisoners of the Spaniards fled to the mountains.
  • As if history had stopped in the times of the Spaniards.
  • Spaniards have contributed to a vast number of areas in the United States.
  • However, soon the majority of its members were Spaniards who joined to fight outside of European Spain.
  • However, some Spaniards were willing to buy these children and grant them freedom after purchase.
  • The stone buildings were ruined when the Spaniards made their last stand during the revolution within the town proper.
  • The food that they provided was important to the Spaniards.
  • Spaniards only found out about the trip after the King injured himself and a special aircraft was sent to bring him home.
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Root form of spaniards is spaniard for the noun.

Meaning of Spaniards

  • noun A native or inhabitant of spain