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  • He said that he had not seen his former wife for several weeks before Spangler disappeared.
  • No; she'd married Spangler and gone out West before you came to us. Cited from The Awakening of Helena Richie, by M. Deland
  • However, Spangler's device was the first that was practical for home use.
  • Spangler had been very kind, but he could not give the young musician the privacy needed for study. Cited from Haydn, by J. Cuthbert Hadden
  • Contres grew up in Spangler, Pennsylvania where she received her primary and secondary education.
  • The final lines indicate that Spangler never returned and also disappeared.
  • He was then taken to a Union field hospital at the George Spangler Farm where he died two days later.
  • Mrs. Spangler laid her hand on his arm. Cited from A Gentleman from Mississippi, by Thomas A. Wise
  • Spangler earned two battle stars during World War II.
  • Spangler's second attempt of 45 yards then sailed wide to the left.
  • On the way he runs into his old gang, led by Spangler, who plan on robbing the town.
  • Spangler didn't have the capital to mass-produce his gadget.
  • Arnold appears in rather delicate health, but Spangler is well, and both seem in good spirits.
  • Spangler was chairman of his chapter of the American Heart Association.
  • Over the years since then, Spangler has continued to lecture and teach and has written numerous books on spirituality.
  • The soldier would like Spangler to get up and go away, so that he could have as much of the bench as he might sleep upon. Cited from John Wilkes Booth, by George Alfred Townsend
  • Spangler was planning the first vacation of his life, a trip to Florida.
  • "Yes, but did she not tell you to trim it like General Spangler's?" Cited from Friends and Neighbors, ed T. S. Arthur
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mudd took Spangler in and gave him of land to farm.
  • Jeff Spangler serves as the co-executive producer of the series.
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