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  • Arches are commonly used in bridge construction and so spandrels may also appear in those structures.
  • Spandrels separate the large windows from smaller tripartite windows on the third story.
  • Four spandrels from the corners ran up to join a sharp cup-shaped roof. Cited from Composition-Rhetoric, by Stratton D. Brooks
  • The upper stories of the building rest on a recessed base with royal blue spandrels.
  • These half-open spandrels were meant to further relieve the dead load on the bridge.
  • Four spandrels from the corners ran up to join a sharp, cup-shaped roof. Cited from Tales of Terror & Mystery, Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Now these lunettes and spandrels were the things that were making all the trouble. Cited from Under the Skylights, by Henry Blake Fuller
  • Spandrels usually provide pressure along the upper edge of the conoids.
  • Below the clock face, narrow glass block windows and chrome spandrels give an extra sense of height to the tower.
  • Metal spandrel panels are below the third-story windows and marble spandrels below the fourth-story windows.
  • Each floor is separated by cast iron spandrels which feature a scalloped pattern at the bottom.
  • In the four spandrels around the rose window are the four animal symbols of the four evangelists.
  • Sandstone spandrels are located beneath all third-story windows.
  • The red brick building features concrete spandrels between the first- and second-story windows and a concrete band at the top of the second-story windows.
  • Above them are spandrels carved with a Greek key pattern separating the two stories.
  • Metal spandrels separate the building's front center windows through the fifth story, while stone spandrels with metal panels separate the side windows.
  • Embossed bronze spandrels separate the second and third story windows.
  • In the spandrels are two beautiful stone angels, which are just visible in the illustration. Cited from Westminster Abbey, by Mrs. A. Murray Smith
  • Above this three-story base, the building steps back, its five divisions composed of narrow piers with double hung windows and brick spandrels.
  • In cross-section, the spandrels presented an unusual application of the classic gravity retaining wall.
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Root form of spandrels is spandrel for the noun.

How spandrels gets used

Meaning of spandrels

  • noun An approximately triangular surface area between two adjacent arches and the horizontal plane above them