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  • Info A spandrel, less often spandril or splaundrel, is the space between two arches or between an arch and a rectangular enclosure.
  • This design would have low brick spandrel walls and full-length windows on two sides.
  • Once the stone arch was built, the spandrel walls and wing walls could be added.
  • The closed-spandrel stone arch bridge has a single span of and is wide.
  • The two-span bridge is long and has a filled-spandrel concrete arch design.
  • The new structure is an eleven-span, pre-cast, open-spandrel arch bridge.
  • On the west it has been divided by a spandrel; on the east it is a small window that lights only the lower space.
  • The bridge features six open spandrel concrete arches and carries thousands of vehicles daily across the river.
  • The area between the arch and the deck is known as the spandrel.
  • In the right spandrel, these details have been lost in the cleaning.
  • Metal spandrel panels are below the third-story windows and marble spandrels below the fourth-story windows.
  • In one spandrel is a seated figure with an outstretched arm holding a book.
  • It is the oldest fully stone open-spandrel segmental arch bridge in the world.
  • It was eligible for its historical integrity and as a good example of the filled-spandrel design.
  • The closed spandrel arch design became popular during the City Beautiful movement in the 1900s.
  • This section includes an open-spandrel arch bridge over War Eagle Creek.
  • The spandrel walls on both sides are broken up, revealing the interior filling of stone, sand and earth.
  • The iconic octagonal tower was placed in the front corner spandrel space left between the circle and the square.
  • It has a full-height glazed atrium which consists of a light post-and-spandrel structure.
  • Rigid insulation is provided in spandrel areas to provide a higher R-value at these locations.
  • The bridge is another spandrel arch structure in length and built in 1920.
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Meaning of spandrel

  • noun An approximately triangular surface area between two adjacent arches and the horizontal plane above them