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  • Info Spandau is the fifth of the twelve boroughs (Bezirk) of Berlin. more...
  • He delivered Spandau over to them, but would do no more. Cited from The Lion of the North, by G.A. Henty
  • The main railway station is Berlin Spandau, one of the most important of the city.
  • Then the main station in the area, it bore the name Spandau.
  • Later that day, he led an attack on an enemy position which contained a field gun and Spandau machine guns.
  • She must away with us to the castle of Spandau. Cited from Poems, by George P. Morris
  • A street in the district of Berlin-Spandau is named after her.
  • Had his year in Spandau for us there, while poor Katte lost his head! Cited from Carlyle's "History of Friedrich II of Prussia V 21
  • Therefore, suburban services to Spandau could be moved from the long-distance tracks to the local tracks.
  • Indeed the forest of Spandau has already been for some time past strictly preserved in view of his coming of age. Cited from Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe, by Mme. La Marquise de Fontenoy
  • He would at once have sent you to Spandau or some other prison, and left it to me to have taken further steps. Cited from Old Fritz and the New Era, by Muhlbach
  • After the war, he lived in Berlin-Spandau, where he played in several tournaments.
  • Later that day, he led an unsuccessful attack on an enemy position containing a field gun and Spandau machine guns.
  • He later moved to Spandau, where his wife was entitled to an appanage.
  • At the end of the 1960s, ideas about an underground railway line to Spandau arose again.
  • Compared with other established prison regulations at the time, Spandau's rules were quite strict.
  • From Spandau, two railway lines carry high-speed trains through the Havelland.
  • He served his full sentence, most of it at Spandau Prison in West Berlin.
  • A few weeks before the movement of the station was completed, electrification of the line was completed to Spandau.
  • Four German soldiers with two Spandau light machine-guns surrendered.
  • "You will permit me to have access to the prisoner in the castle of Spandau?" Cited from Tales And Novels, Volume 1, by Maria Edgeworth
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  • noun A german machine gun