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  • The resulting aircraft was the Cloudster, a single-bay equal-span biplane of wooden construction.
  • It was initially built as a four-bay unequal-span biplane.
  • It was a two-seat, single-engine, equal-span biplane seaplane.
  • Similar to the D.II, the D.I was an unstaggered single-bay equal-span biplane.
  • It was a conventional single-bay, unequal-span biplane design with slightly staggered wings.
  • The Badminton was a single-seat single-engine equal-span biplane, it was made from wood and metal with a fabric covering.
  • Designed for the postwar civil market, the Gnu was a conventional equal-span biplane.
  • It was a single bay equal span biplane, with simple parallel interplane struts and without stagger.
  • The L.2 was a three-bay unequal-span biplane flying boat with a two-man crew in side-by-side cockpits.
  • The P.B.9 was a single-seat open cockpit equal span biplane scout.
  • The finished prototype used 3 pairs of short seven foot span biplane wings positioned at the front, middle and rear of the vehicle.
  • It was a twin-engine, equal-span biplane.
  • The C-1 was an unequal-span biplane of conventional wood and fabric construction.
  • It was an unequal span biplane largely built of wood, though with metal engines mountings and other fittings, engine nacelles and tail surfaces.
  • The completed Mayfly was a small pusher configuration equal span biplane.
  • It was an unequal span biplane with a tail unit supported by twin booms from the upper wings and a fixed tricycle landing gear.
  • It was a conventional design, an unequal-span biplane of wooden construction and with tailskid undercarriage.
  • It is an unequal span biplane with a straight lower wing of constant chord and some dihedral, which carries full span ailerons.
  • It was a two-bay, equal-span biplane of conventional configuration with interchangeable wheeled and float undercarriage.
  • It was an unequal-span biplane with a fixed tailwheel landing gear.
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