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  • The students also have a spacious reading room to carry out their reference work.
  • The library is on a single floor and is more spacious than the old library.
  • At any one time seven or more street cars are on display in this spacious building.
  • The community wants to keep large spacious yards a tradition for many years to come.
  • The interior is divided by a spacious center hall with two rooms on either side.
  • Both are spacious areas where people can fish and camp.
  • The other major users are students getting from place to place on the spacious campus.
  • Steps led up to the front door and into the entrance hall with spacious front rooms on either side.
  • This floor is more spacious even though there are columns here as well.
  • All three buildings were spacious which allowed for many people to observe the trial.
  • In the spacious drawing room, opening upon the garden, is the family occupied in different ways. Cited from Lady Rosamond's Secret, by Rebecca Agatha Armour
  • However, the latter have a significantly better cost per capacity and are more spacious.
  • This means a much larger and more spacious check-in area than the existing airport.
  • The college has a very spacious auditorium, big play ground and an open air theatre.
  • The original building was adapted and extended to give the present structure set in spacious grounds.
  • Many of the original property owners had become either too old or too poor to maintain their spacious quarters.
  • Her engine room was spacious and well laid out.
  • They require large, spacious cages to move about in because of their active nature.
  • The stages entered its spacious court-yard under an arch leading from North street. Cited from The Bay State Monthly, Volume II. No. 2, November, 1884, by Various
  • Although the house is spacious, the orphans are given only one room and one bed.
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