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  • For several days, the system remained weak as it moved generally west-southwestward.
  • It moved west-southwestward for two days before turning to the west.
  • The depression gradually developed over the next few days while moving southwestward.
  • After formation, the system moved west-southwestward under a ridge to the north.
  • We knew that if we traveled southwestward far enough we must strike that trail, but how far? Cited from The Complete Writings of Charles Dudley Warner V3
  • It started to move south southwestwards towards the southern part of the South China Sea.
  • Over the next few days they continued to monitor it, as the system slowly moved west-southwestward.
  • The next day the cyclone developed an eye as it turned west-southwestward.
  • It moved southwestward, initially without development, but conditions gradually became more favorable.
  • With a narrow ridge of high pressure to its north, the depression moved west-southwestward.
  • The storm then turned sharply west-southwestward while moving around the eastern side of a mid-level circulation.
  • With a ridge to its north, the system moved west-southwestward.
  • It moved west-southwestward, influenced by a mid-level ridge which extended from the Australian west coast.
  • It moved west-southwestward for six days before reaching tropical storm strength near the Bahamas.
  • Located north of a large ridge, the system tracked southwestward initially before turning more to the west.
  • Its remaining low-level circulation of clouds continued on a southwestward course thereafter.
  • The storm had initially headed west-southwestward at, before moving southwestward at nearly the same speed.
  • With a new ridge becoming established over China, the weakening system acquired a general southwestward track.
  • Southwestwards they reached down to the East African coast.
  • The depression moved southwestward and remained weak for several days.
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  • adverb In a southwestward direction