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  • These areas are at the southwestern end of the known range.
  • The southwestern section is a mainly working-class residential neighborhood with some light industry.
  • The rail line runs northwest-southeast through the southwestern part of the city.
  • The county is named after a large estuarine bay near its southwestern corner.
  • The tour took place in California and the southwestern parts of the United States.
  • Most academic buildings are located on the southwestern quarter of campus.
  • Both sites are located on the southwestern coast of the island.
  • The college became a center of black cultural and intellectual life in southwestern Ohio.
  • They live on in Southwestern Pennsylvania in a home which she designed.
  • It provided an alternative proposal for both northern Germany and central and southwestern Germany.
  • Previously, a bridge on the southwestern point had been the only way to reach New Castle without a boat.
  • An enduring result of his policy was a new order of the southwestern German political world.
  • The town is in the southwestern part of the county.
  • New Mexico is a state located in the southwestern and western regions of the United States.
  • Clark County is a county located in the southwestern part of the state of Washington.
  • The southwestern block contains the main rooms, while the northeastern contains the service wings.
  • The company was formed after the discovery of gold in northern California and southwestern Oregon.
  • The municipality lies in the southwestern part of the country.
  • A very small part of southwestern Great Valley borders the town of Red House.
  • The majority of these schools are located in the southeastern region and southwestern region of Pennsylvania.
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  • noun A dialect of middle english