southern flank

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  • An old shooting box can still be seen on its southern flank.
  • Also on the southern flank there is also an old telegraph camp site.
  • The Brigade was next ordered to find the southern flank of the enemy.
  • The southern flank of the mountain is assumed to be its youngest side.
  • A flight of stone stairs has been laid up the southern flank of the hill to the summit.
  • Egyptian forces in the area formed the southern flank of the Second Field Army.
  • The decision to retreat was taken despite news of great gains on the southern flank.
  • The summit is more in keeping with its southern flanks than its rugged northern approach.
  • The southern flank of the attacking front stretched east along the Roman Road.
  • This would ensure that the southern flank could advance without suffering German enfilade fire.
  • The squadron's main task was to keep a watch on the German and Italian southern flank.
  • The two southern flank ships, upon whom the most concentrated attack was made, had also met with tremendous losses. Cited from The Life of Nelson, Vol. II. (of 2), by A. T. (Alfred Thayer) Mahan
  • The mountain is developed, with most of its southern flank within the city of Happy Valley, Oregon.
  • The ice vents are in a section about in length along Ice Mountain's southern flank.
  • The German forces were screened on their southern flank by five cavalry divisions.
  • Gordon turned his attention to the southern flank of his attack and Fort Haskell.
  • The hills would mean better terrain for the cavalry and the town itself would cover the Swedish southern flank.
  • At the southern flank of the attack front, the X Corps infantry were stopped in no man's land.
  • Importantly, the Austrian line was short enough that troops could move quickly from the southern flank to the northern one.
  • The numerous Northern cavalry forced its way around the Southern flanks, and cut in on the rear, taking many prisoners. Cited from The Scouts of Stonewall, by Joseph A Altsheler
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