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  • Later it turned southeastward under the influence of another ridge further to the east.
  • The highway proceeded southeastward through rural areas, passing several small fields and houses.
  • It moved east-southeastward, then turned to the west where it briefly became a tropical storm.
  • The two routes head southeastward along the western edge of the city.
  • Ten minutes later the column fell into ranks again and moved off swiftly southeastward. Cited from The Iron Game, by Henry Francis Keenan
  • The storm then turned east-southeastward the following day.
  • From far to the southeastward came the sound of a shot. Cited from The Challenge of the North, by James Hendryx
  • It then passed just south of Beekman, where it started to once again turn southeastward.
  • While moving southeastward, it developed an organized area of convection over the center.
  • Towards the north end of the street, a footpath ran southeastwards between buildings and through the fields.
  • The storm moved southeastward, followed by a north, then northeast motion.
  • Over the next few days, it moved slowly east-southeastward towards Cocos.
  • By this time, the storm had also begun a southeastward track.
  • Due to the high pressure system situated over Vermont, the low turned southeastward, bringing its center back over water.
  • The route continues east, then begins to wind its way southeastward through a densely wooded area.
  • The system tracked generally southeastward throughout its life in response to a low to mid-level ridge to its north-northeast.
  • Over a 30 hour period, the storm moved southeastward across the country, remaining fairly well-organized.
  • The storm moved southeastward over the next day, helping to dissipate the local heat wave.
  • This line was extended southeastward into East New York shortly thereafter.
  • The road then continues through rectangularly shaped fields before meeting, where it curves slightly southeastward.
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Meaning of southeastward

  • adverb In a southeastward direction
    the river flows southeastward to the gulf