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  • Info Southbound is an adjective meaning movement towards the south.
  • These services also stop on returning southbound but for set-down only.
  • The south one is a four-car-long island platform generally used by southbound trains.
  • At the northern end of this section a rest area serves southbound traffic.
  • It is southbound below Central Park and a two-way street north of the park.
  • Manhattan-bound trains use the upper level while southbound trains use the lower one.
  • The southbound platform has an additional same-level entrance/exit at the north end.
  • Both platforms have a station house, but only the southbound one is active.
  • Prior to this, South Main Street had been turned one-way southbound.
  • Prior to this, South Main Street had been turned one-way southbound.
  • On the southbound platform is a signal box which remains to control the level-crossing.
  • The southbound party steadily reduced in size as successive support teams turned back.
  • This was very important for the town, since the old station was a terminal for southbound trains only.
  • However, only the southbound one is used for passenger service.
  • The station has two platforms, with most trains calling at the southbound platform.
  • The west one is generally used by southbound trains while the east one is generally used by northbound trains.
  • An emergency phone is present immediately to the south of the southbound local platform.
  • Two additional lanes have been added going northbound, and one additional lane has been added southbound.
  • In the morning trains run southbound and they run northbound in the evening.
  • The track currently used for southbound trains is actually the northbound express track.
  • The last southbound actually run east, not south.
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