south rim

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  • They went by going around its north or south rim.
  • Over the years new light towers have been placed along the north and south rims.
  • He lived alone while in the canyon, making supply runs to the south rim from time to time.
  • It provides a view of the Colorado River from about above, while still below the south rim.
  • This surface is almost divided by clefts running from the north and south rims.
  • Overall, some thirty miles of the South Rim are accessible by road.
  • The Red Horse Station was originally built as a stage coach stop about south of the South Rim.
  • Mule trips from the south rim cross this bridge except when it is closed to traffic.
  • Widforss died later that year at the South Rim of a heart attack at the age of fifty-four.
  • He was buried by his friends in the South Rim Cemetery.
  • Construction of a road along part of the South Rim was completed in 1935.
  • All too soon it was time for us to start back to the South Rim, and we made a reluctant departure. Cited from I Married a Ranger, by Dama Margaret Smith
  • Out on Swamp Point again I am shown Bass Camp on the south rim. Cited from The Grand Canyon of Arizona, by George W. James
  • The launch ramp's foundation lies on private land on the canyon's south rim.
  • The South Rim is open all year round weather permitting.
  • It known from only one female specimen found on the South Rim of Grand Canyon.
  • Not many deer lived on the South Rim then. Cited from I Married a Ranger, by Dama Margaret Smith
  • Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim is visible about away across the canyon.
  • A small volcano even occurs above the fault on the South Rim.
  • On a really clear day, the south rim of Crater Lake in Oregon is visible.
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