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  • In fact, his plays are the main source of information about him.
  • Television provides the major source of news and entertainment for the average family.
  • He began writing at an early age, as early as eight according to some sources.
  • The system has been reported in a number of public sources.
  • However, hunting continued to be a major source of food for the community.
  • These can all be applied to natural and man-made sources.
  • An open source project in the area is the E language.
  • These sources can be useful if they can be compared with independent sources.
  • Their works are lost, but later works based on these original sources have survived.
  • He provides the names of other authors where they were available in his sources.
  • This has been a source of quite some controversy, both now and in the past.
  • These early X-ray sources still are studied and often produce significant results.
  • At its source, the river is at an elevation of above sea level.
  • Around this time, the artist found support from two sources in Russia.
  • At this point they had already been looking for alternative sources of funding.
  • Radio is a key source of information, particularly on the outer islands.
  • It includes information that may be both public and private, obtained from many different public or secret sources.
  • The sources themselves do not give the meaning of any of the names, only of the three words.
  • Another approach is to identify all real sources for real forces and account for them.
  • The following table is based on information from multiple sources.
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Meaning of source

  • noun A document (or organization) from which information is obtained
    the reporter had two sources for the story
  • noun Anything that provides inspiration for later work
  • noun A facility where something is available
  • noun (technology) a process by which energy or a substance enters a system
    a heat source, a source of carbon dioxide
  • verb Get (a product) from another country or business
    She sourced a supply of carpet, They are sourcing from smaller companies
  • verb Specify the origin of
    The writer carefully sourced her report