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  • It is also used as a construction method for building a sorting network.
  • Sorting out who was telling the truth then and now remains difficult.
  • He finds work at the post office sorting mail in the dead letter office.
  • I was just sorting every thing out in my head.
  • The full operation of a simple sorting network is shown below.
  • An internal sort is any data sorting process that takes place entirely within the main memory of a computer.
  • Sorting the table by order will sort by precedence, including within each order.
  • Some are clean with material that hardly needs sorting and some are in the middle.
  • To the south are the non-public areas of the building, which include offices and sorting rooms.
  • However, sorting out the land issue could take years.
  • This allows external sorting of data too large to fit into a single computer's memory.
  • Part of the issue with this difficulty lies in the lack of any sorting scheme.
  • The sorting system would then read the bar code and automatically route it sort it.
  • I think that over the next few weeks we have got to be very seriously sorting something out for Europe.
  • Nor does Taste include features like sorting or list generation.
  • Experiments showing electrostatic sorting in action can help make the process more clear.
  • Recursive processing continues until the least significant bit has been used for sorting.
  • Large institutions often use a production-line method for soil sorting, with several full-time employees assigned to the task.
  • This sorting process lead to the individual pieces being called sorts.
  • There should be no stigmatization of the poor, no sorting out of those in need.
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Root form of sorting is sort for the verb.

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Meaning of sorting

  • noun An operation that segregates items into groups according to a specified criterion
    the bottleneck in mail delivery is the process of sorting
  • noun Grouping by class or kind or size