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  • Thirty-five re-supply sorties followed in which the squadron lost three aircraft.
  • Additional sorties on the same day will receive no further credit.
  • Often crews did not get out of their aircraft and made three or four sorties without rest.
  • In practice, it was impossible to make such sorties under German artillery fire.
  • Co-operation with ground units was vital during sorties around this time.
  • Ultimately, sorties were conducted throughout the night until shortly before dawn over a period of three weeks.
  • Three days later, he flew three sorties, and scored every time.
  • Allied aircraft made some sorties against the approaching Japanese fleet, with little success.
  • In contrast with its previous operations, these sorties were often conducted during daylight.
  • Each class lasts five weeks and includes twelve sorties intended to test technical knowledge of the program.
  • Despite numerous sorties with the main body of the Grand Fleet, she did not see combat.
  • For the next four days the flight flew sorties out of England.
  • Those sorties would be a mix of light strike missions and forward air control.
  • He also continued to fly his daily sorties despite his burns.
  • Two planes were involved, which made several sorties a night over several nights.
  • During its construction Brown made several further sorties, but Lee's men fought them off each time.
  • On the first two nights in July there were no sorties at all.
  • Once taken it could be a base for bombing sorties over the cities of south eastern Australia.
  • Over the course of the day, the squadron flew three more sorties against the Japanese.
  • A member's individual flight management records will list the sorties that are eligible for the award.
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Root form of sorties is sortie for the noun.

Meaning of sorties

  • noun A military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position
  • noun (military) an operational flight by a single aircraft (as in a military operation)