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  • Nearly a month passed before the boat sortied once again.
  • At which time, fearing that they would not be able to keep the enemy out, they sortied.
  • He stood off a group of islands from which local inhabitants sortied to hurl stones at his ship.
  • Two days later the ships sortied to support operations in the Marianas Islands.
  • She arrived there on 21 January and the force sortied the next day.
  • Six other corsairs then sortied from the harbor in an attempt to screen the first one.
  • The British were aware of the German plans and sortied the Grand Fleet to meet them.
  • She thus sortied to war at a marked disadvantage against the new capital ships of the Axis.
  • Two days later the force sortied for operations in the Marianas Islands.
  • The British were aware of the German plans, and sortied the Grand Fleet to meet them.
  • The very next day, aircraft sortied on their first patrol, and every day thereafter, provided the weather was at all favorable.
  • During the course of the day, American carrier aircraft sortied a total of 259 times.
  • The squadron sortied in an attempt to escape to Vladivostok the next morning.
  • Nimitz believed if Kimmel had discovered the Japanese approach, he would have sortied to meet them.
  • The ships sortied in response to British attacks on Italian positions in Libya.
  • The Alex only sortied twice, and was severely damaged days before the One Year War ended.
  • Six days later, the force again sortied from Ulithi.
  • Two days later they sortied again, this time for Midway Island to repulse an expected assault on that base.
  • The task force sortied on 6 October and, four days later, launched air attacks against Okinawa.
  • Seeing the Winslow all alone, the three Spanish gunboats sortied and headed towards the American ship.
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