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  • Hanlon looked about and found a rock near the sorters, and used this for a seat. Cited from Man of Many Minds, by E. Everett Evans
  • "Why, he must get other sorters to help him." Cited from Post Haste, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • After that they acted as their own sorters but with indifferent success. Cited from The Story of Paul Boyton, by Paul Boyton
  • The letter-sorters were not enjoying their holidays; we hoped -- we knew they would soon end. Cited from The Siege of Kimberley, by T. Phelan
  • Since the salary was fixed at that figure, the work of the Sorters has greatly improved in character. Cited from Women Workers in Seven Professions, by Edith J. Morley
  • It is presumed that one of the sorters who originally handled it is breaking up his collection. Cited from Punch, Vol. 156, May 14, 1919, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • Many women work as porters and sorters in such operations.
  • Such a system should reduce the cell damage and sheath waste in conventional cell sorters.
  • Here at this conclave there's a room of information-sorters. Cited from Wandl the Invader, by Raymond King Cummings
  • The switches are measured by how many stages, and how many up/down sorters and crosspoints they have.
  • The switches are measured by how many stages, and how many up/down sorters and crosspoints.
  • Modern sensor-based sorters make use of all material characteristics which can be detected fast enough to enable a high material throughput.
  • Channel sorters feature monochromatic or color cameras and remove defects and foreign material based only on differences in color.
  • For these products, channel sorters offer an affordable solution and ease of use with a small footprint.
  • This system proved extremely valuable as it provided sorters who were not familiar with many of the eastern European languages an easy way to identify items.
  • Some intelligent sorters even allow the user to define a defective product based on the total defective surface area of any given object.
  • Busy boxes might be cleared at other times to avoid overflowing, and also to spread the work for the sorters.
  • Then she called for girls for the other two detachments and divided them into two sections, one marked SORTERS and the other DISTRIBUTORS. Cited from Ethel Morton's Holidays, by Mabell S. C. Smith
  • Many companies also use mail sorters to handle incoming mail such as checks, orders and correspondence.
  • They have inflicted upon postmen and letter-sorters an amount of extra labour that is almost incredible. Cited from Christmas: Its Origin and Associations, by William Francis Dawson
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Root form of sorters is sorter for the noun.

Meaning of sorters

  • noun A clerk who sorts things (as letters at the post office)
  • noun A machine for sorting things (such as punched cards or letters) into classes