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  • Characters are sorted in the year in which they made their first appearance.
  • Programs in this article are sorted by the years when their development started.
  • The information is broken down by production and sorted by original air date or release date.
  • Note that characters are sorted according to several groups, and may appear multiple times.
  • The list is sorted by population and gives the state of every municipality.
  • This is a list of such cities, sorted by country and then by date.
  • Sorted mail on the train could be dropped off at the same time.
  • They wait in the police station while things are sorted out.
  • For lists sorted by type, including proposed stations, see the see also section below.
  • The rivers in this section are sorted south-west to north-east.
  • Only possible if the list is sorted but gives good performance even if the list is lengthy.
  • The method can also be used to create a sorted list of winners.
  • Results of regional studies on this data were published later, which were sorted by their publication date.
  • Therefore, the output of the green or blue box will be completely sorted.
  • They are sorted first by the season in which they were introduced and then by the episode in which they first appeared.
  • The places of interest are sorted according to its type.
  • This section contains collections sorted by building, and brief information on the buildings themselves.
  • The six potential dates are sorted into three groups of two.
  • More generally objects can be sorted based on a property.
  • Although the list below is sorted by common name, in a number of cases the common name is applied to different species.
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Root form of sorted is sort for the verb.

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