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  • Active programs are listed in the table below, sortable by name, type or location.
  • The series are initially listed with the highest count at the top, though the table is sortable.
  • Also, for each food create a new row so that the food column can be fully sortable.
  • The list is further sortable by year of birth, death, and recognition.
  • Its also fully sortable by date, channel and name.
  • The sortable table below lists national highway density in India per state or union territory.
  • The numbers are based upon the sortable list below.
  • The sortable table below has its included buildings initially listed alphabetically.
  • This list of high schools in the state of Connecticut is a sortable table.
  • The songs included on each international version and format are summarised below, sortable using the position within an edition.
  • This is a list of personal titles arranged in a sortable table.
  • This list is sortable, e.g. by opera title, composer, location, or date.
  • The list is sortable by game title, platform, year of release, and developer.
  • The list is sortable by any of the categories of information it contains.
  • This is a sortable list of American Football video games.
  • This sortable table shows the top NFL coaches in order of regular season wins.
  • The table is sortable by party, constituency name or candidate name.
  • Unnamed services are listed alongside named services on similar routes, but the table is sortable.
  • The following lists of four-star admirals are sortable by last name, date of rank.
  • List of hummingbirds has a complete species list sortable by common and binomial name.
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