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  • I couldn't figure out what sort of song I would write.
  • All sorts of unique trees and flowers can be seen along the route as well.
  • The town was named after the township in which it was located -- sort of.
  • He brought some sort of charge against Sulla soon after coming to power.
  • Instead, his character became a sort of anti-hero to people who actually agreed with his views.
  • There might be the odd sort of one-off here and there.
  • After the deal, players sort their cards in their hands.
  • Characters are sorted in the year in which they made their first appearance.
  • The community is not close to any sort of geographical center of the state.
  • This conflict remains the only war (of any sort) between two declared nuclear powers.
  • This sort of war has defined the field since World War II.
  • Corps activity of some sort goes on year-round.
  • We did do that last tour three or four years ago as a sort of goodbye.
  • Not all problems can be attacked with this sort of solution.
  • Nothing of the sort would have been possible in the French and Spanish colonies.
  • Programs in this article are sorted by the years when their development started.
  • The information is broken down by production and sorted by original air date or release date.
  • In fact, the League has always had a relationship of sorts with such groups.
  • Note that characters are sorted according to several groups, and may appear multiple times.
  • It was just a get through the gig, get the money sort of deal.
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Meaning of sort

  • noun An approximate definition or example
    she wore a sort of magenta dress, she served a creamy sort of dessert thing
  • noun A person of a particular character or nature
    what sort of person is he?, he's a good sort
  • noun An operation that segregates items into groups according to a specified criterion
    the bottleneck in mail delivery is the process of sorting