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  • Her sorrow was so great that many thought she had already lost her mind.
  • The first great sorrow of his life happened when he was twelve years old.
  • Her death was a cause for much sorrow on the part of her parents.
  • When the woman does not appear, he is filled with sorrow at being stood up.
  • To most boys it would have seemed small ground for such heart-breaking sorrow. Cited from Warlock o' Glenwarlock, by George MacDonald
  • His songs also express his sorrow of living without his land.
  • Can we find a friend so faithful who will all our sorrows share?
  • Do you mean you have feeling for them in their various sorrows? Cited from The Third Violet, by Stephen Crane
  • Their common sorrow drew husband and wife closer together for a brief time.
  • Real sorrow over her death was felt by her three youngest children.
  • I am sure you would only add to the poor man's sorrows. Cited from The Little Clay Cart, by (Attributed To) King Shudraka
  • There is a look in his eyes as though he sorrowed over something. Cited from Bob Hampton of Placer, by Randall Parrish
  • But she knew at last what her sorrow's name was. Cited from The Incomplete Amorist, by E. Nesbit
  • He was four times married, and in his latter years experienced many sorrows.
  • The poor man could do nothing but dress himself and go sorrowing on his way. Cited from Fifty Famous People, by James Baldwin
  • The sorrowing mother gave for answer, that she should never more know what rest was. Cited from Clarissa Harlowe, Volume 9 (of 9), by Samuel Richardson
  • Then all their sorrows were ended, and they lived together in great happiness. Cited from Favorite Fairy Tales, by Logan Marshall
  • At one time she is sorrowing for her lord and at another for her son. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 3
  • So the sorrowing knight took his leave, and each went his different way. Cited from Sidonia The Sorceress V1, by William Mienhold
  • Each film went to the end of its material, from real to fictional sorrow.
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Meaning of sorrow

  • noun An emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement
    he tried to express his sorrow at her loss
  • noun Sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment
    he drank to drown his sorrows, he wrote a note expressing his regret, to his rue, the error cost him the game