some surly

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  • Nor less he pleased when, on some surly plan, He was at once the actor and the man. Cited from English Poets of the Eighteenth Century, by Bernbaum
  • A guard, with some surly remonstrances, shut them in, and the train started. Cited from The Riddle of the Sands, by Erskine Childers
  • From the road came creakings and grumblings as some surly guns were dragged away. Cited from Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane
  • The children by this time had ceased staring and returned to their play; the waggoner, muttering some surly words, drove on. Cited from The Good Comrade, by Una L. Silberrad
  • Jones, overborne by a calm authority against which he could not bluster, turned on his heel muttering some surly assent. Cited from Standish of Standish, by Jane G. Austin
  • Some surly voice afar I heard now Of an enisled Britannic quality; Wots any of the cause? Cited from The Dynasts, by Thomas Hardy
  • Some surly creatures, upon entering a coach, wrap about their persons a great coat of cloth, and about their minds a mantle of silence, which are not thrown off during the whole journey. Cited from The Laws of Etiquette, by A Gentleman
  • One would imagine this fashion had been invented by some surly duenna, or ill-natured guardian, on purpose to prevent ladies turning to one side or the other; and that may be the reason why now every young lady chooses to look forward. Cited from A Lecture On Heads, by Geo. Alex. Stevens
  • I imagined that I should either find him alone in his kitchen smoking a wretched pipe, or in company with some surly bailiff or his follower, whom his friend the brewer had sent into the house in order to take possession of his effects. Cited from The Romany Rye, by George Borrow
  • For so reported the first man I view'd (Some surly islander, of manners rude), Nor farther conference vouchsafed to stay; Heedless he whistled, and pursued his way. Cited from The Odyssey, by Homer, Tr. by Samuel butler
  • On the way through the village, we might meet cats, bold ravishers of small poultry; some surly mongrel might frighten and scatter the little band; and it would be a hard puzzle to collect it in its entirety. Cited from The Life of the Fly, by J. Henri Fabre
  • He might be a Yankee, but when he sat down on the knee of some surly lawyer, and confidentially told him his plans; or, at a political meeting, took off his coat, and rolled up his sleeves, and "pitched into" his opponent, the sons of Illinois forgot his origin in love for the man. Cited from McClure's Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 5, April, 1896, by Various
  • Black as the clouds that shade St. Kilda's shore, Wild as the winds that round her mountains roar, At every post some surly vagrant stands, Culled from the English, or the Scottish bands. Cited from Prisoners of the Revolution, by Danske Dandridge
  • Some Tradesman's bill his wandering eyes engage, Some scrawl for payment thrust 'twixt page and page; Some bold, loud rapping at his humble door, Some surly message he has heard before, Awake, alarm, and tell him he is poor. Cited from The Borough, by George Crabbe
  • Some surly Cato, Senator austere, Haply may wish to peep into thy book: Seem very nothing -- tremble and revere: No forceful eagles, butterflies e'er look. Cited from The Anatomy of Melancholy, by Democritus Junior (Robert Burton)
  • He squeaked out some surly reply to my friend the dragoman, who, softened and sweetened by the tarts he had just been devouring, was, no doubt, anxious to be polite: and the poor worthy fellow walked away rather crestfallen at this return of his salutation, and hastened me out of the place. Cited from From Cornhill to Grand Cairo by Thackeray