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  • A person may well not be able to avoid a crash even though he has some residual control.
  • The house was built in early Federal style with some residual Georgian features.
  • He is later restored to human form but retains some residual energy-generating powers.
  • Sponsors could generally count on the help of their kin, as they would gain some residual status just for helping.
  • The new style for white wines is a more pronounced oak taste with some residual sugar.
  • Sometimes the fermentation may halt leaving in the wine some residual sugar, so two wine types are possible - dry and semi-dry.
  • Depending on the quality of the extraction, the remaining solid matter may have some residual active substances.
  • He has since appeared in Justice League and Justice Society stories, having retained some residual power from the ruby.
  • Eventually the station buildings were demolished and today only some residual brickwork of the platform edges survives.
  • Though speech sound disorders are associated with childhood, some residual errors may persist into adulthood.
  • There is some residual benefit of fertilizers as the crops take up a small amount of the nutrients two and three years later.
  • In some fetuses, this process does not occur completely between all fingers or toes and some residual webbing remains.
  • Modified visual output that includes large print and/or clear simple graphics can be of benefit to users with some residual vision.
  • Its main use is in patients with neuromuscular disorders that have some residual muscular function.
  • Some residual deformity is common but this often remodels as the child grows.
  • At the age of four, he injured his head in a fall and was left with some residual muscle tremor and paralysis.
  • They are slightly larger than totally mature red blood cells, and have some residual ribosomal RNA.
  • Nevertheless, many fans are convinced that some residual aspect of the curse persists.
  • Typically, MCMC sampling can only approximate the target distribution, as there is always some residual effect of the starting position.
  • In the production of sweet wines, fermentation may be halted before it has run its full course, leaving behind some residual sugar that gives the wine its sweet taste.
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