some borderline

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  • These will change, in some borderline cases quite substantially, the layout of the various pages.
  • In some borderline cases, the NBA takes into consideration whether a player desires to be identified as international.
  • Some borderline patients even had difficulties classifying neutral faces or saw them as threatening.
  • Owing to big basslines, catchy hooks and some borderline commercial and pop elements this style has the most mass market appeal.
  • It is accepted, however, that this criterion may not be fulfilled in "some borderline cases".
  • Rex Stout began his literary career in the 1910s writing for the pulps, publishing romance, adventure, and some borderline detective stories.
  • The hill called Cigla near the village of Jablanica still has some borderline markings of the Kingdom of Serbia, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.
  • In some borderline situations, producers may ask that royalties be temporarily reduced or waived, or even that performers -- with the permission of their unions -- take reduced salaries, in order to prevent a show from closing.
  • In 1936 Abraham and Martin Goodman, two brothers who owned a publishing company with multiple imprints, launched Ka-Zar, an imitation Tarzan magazine with some borderline sf content.
  • Beginning in 1981 and with T. E. D. Klein as editor, The Twilight Zone Magazine (also known as Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine) featured horror fiction and to some extent other forms of fantasy and some borderline science fiction.