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  • The band failed to solidify, and it fell apart after playing just one show.
  • It was his first major victory, solidifying his leadership over much of the island.
  • This show solidified the group and they decided to host more events.
  • Once the concept was solidified, the development team grew from ten to twenty people.
  • She can also solidify these fields, to use as a more direct weapon.
  • The group's line-up was also solidified along more conventional commercial lines.
  • The line-up was now solidified for the band, and would continue to the present day.
  • To his surprise, the movie not only received high box office record but also solidified his star power.
  • The dance then solidified into the three-part format seen today.
  • In subsequent years, the university would solidify its tradition as a liberal arts campus.
  • It solidified human rights for individuals in all but three members.
  • The band continues to tour and solidify their reputation in the world of heavy rock and metal.
  • The Shock won game five on their home floor, again solidifying their power in the league.
  • Wood has stated that it was this experience that solidified his earlier decision to become a lawyer.
  • Around the same time, Japan solidified itself as a nation state.
  • It can become too thick to use, and sometimes completely solidifies.
  • The fine washed-up sand solidifies after the water has run off.
  • It takes many years to solidify a memory into the brain.
  • Her fixed female soul, her wound-up female will would solidify into stone -- whereas his must break. Cited from Aaron's Rod, By D. H. Lawrence
  • At that point the concept was solidified and the opening theme that is still used today was produced.
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Meaning of solidify

  • verb Make solid or more solid; cause to solidify
  • verb Become solid
    The metal solidified when it cooled