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  • Now, in this solemn night, we are going to end this state!
  • She appeared rather solemn by English standards, and looked old for her age.
  • Later on known for being very solemn despite her great intelligence.
  • The show does not tell you when to laugh and when to be solemn.
  • On that solemn night (it may be their last) those that know me seek me.
  • He is noted for his extremely slow, solemn account of the work.
  • None of the ladies interest the king, and he is left solemn.
  • He was later to claim that he could be 'solemn but not serious'.
  • And yet, in view of all these most solemn assurances, what have we seen?
  • Nevertheless, when the troops moved, their hearts were filled with deep and solemn feelings.
  • The two friends, standing behind, looked rather solemn in their black coats.
  • It is a solemn song about being left alone, cold and drunk.
  • Many of them gave him solemn stares leaving the impression of what they thought of him.
  • He also has a stoic nature, being called solemn and private by Animal.
  • She appears to have taken solemn vows when she was eighteen years old.
  • Neither of these has been the object of a solemn definition.
  • For example, he used archaizing forms to make his language more solemn and intense.
  • It was a treaty -- a solemn treaty -- but what difference did that make?
  • The solemn opening took place in the college chapel, and all the sessions were held there.
  • His is a beautiful office -- recording day by day the solemnest and most mysterious events in nature. Cited from The Delectable Duchy, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
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