software developers

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  • He began working as a software developer and writing books about technology.
  • She is currently working as a software developer in private industry.
  • A software developer may take part in design, computer programming, or software project management.
  • This opened the field to a cottage industry of third-party software developers.
  • This course has the goal to give a job of software developer for young people who has stopped the regular studies.
  • These can be created by either the software developer or by third party developers.
  • That are for example: scientific data sources or data sources for software developers.
  • He began the project when he was in college and continued working on it after getting a job as a software developer.
  • Key software developers were later picked up by other companies.
  • The company makes a number of products for software developers building mobile or web applications.
  • Software developers may want to build on the project.
  • Also, software developers had made use of the color abilities of distinct display systems in many different ways.
  • It is well known by software developers that projects typically run over budget and finish behind schedule.
  • However, he was an active software developer in the early years, particularly on the company's programming language products.
  • These books were intended for professional software developers, system and network administrators, and power users.
  • The division runs an information service provided by Microsoft for software developers.
  • Software developers use many other measures that are derived from these three basic measures to understand and improve their performance.
  • The level of trust is important to allow software developers to efficiently focus on their work.
  • Then software developers use that CASE tool to develop software systems.
  • The technical committee suggested that all software developers should adhere to this code.
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