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  • Then he felt better, for the man softened a little in his manner. Cited from First in the Field, by George Manville Fenn
  • But the day before he left he was suddenly quite changed, and much softened. Cited from The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Volume VIII., by Guy de Maupassant
  • Under its influence it was natural that his face should change, and soften. Cited from The Genius, by Margaret Horton Potter
  • She stood over him, looking down at him with her love for him softening her eyes. Cited from The Everlasting Whisper, by Jackson Gregory
  • But he could not soften the hard fact that her mother refused to see her. Cited from The Maidens' Lodge, by Emily Sarah Holt
  • In hard water areas, water softening plant may have been considered necessary.
  • Why, it would soften your heart to see how she looks on me. Cited from Coffee and Repartee, by John Kendrick Bangs
  • He did not know what it was, but he thought that his general had softened. Cited from The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston
  • She put the length of plant she had been softening for the child back into her mouth. Cited from Planet of the Damned, by Harry Harrison
  • When I showed him how that could not be, he softened a little. Cited from Sir Ludar, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • His brain was softening and there was no hope for him if he remained. Cited from Sixty Years of California Song, by Margaret Blake-Alverson
  • I didn't do that from any softening of heart toward either of you. Cited from Secret History Revealed By Lady Peggy O'Malley, C.N. and A.M. Williamson
  • I should have supposed such an escape must have softened even him. Cited from Flint, by Maud Wilder Goodwin
  • Once broken-in, they wore out quickly as they continued to soften up.
  • "Do you know that you nearly killed her?" he asked, his voice softening. Cited from Elster's Folly, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • Tears stood in her eyes, making them more beautiful than ever, and quite softening my heart. Cited from Medoline Selwyn's Work, by Mrs. J. J. Colter
  • They made use of their women to soften the hearts of our nation. Cited from Traditions of the North American Indians, Vol. 1 (of 3), by J. A. Jones
  • There was no change in her face nor any sign of softening. Cited from The Survivor, by E.Phillips Oppenheim
  • If the subject is using a cover story, it may be broken by softening-up.
  • Within certain limits the greater the water content the greater its softening effect. Cited from The Mechanical Properties of Wood, by Samuel J. Record
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Meaning of soften

  • verb Make (images or sounds) soft or softer
  • verb Make soft or softer
    This liquid will soften your laundry
  • verb Become soft or softer
    The bread will soften if you pour some liquid on it