social cleansing

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  • Several cultural explanations for social cleansing in Africa are related to religion.
  • Women are often targets by association, though the effects of social cleansing and violence against women are largely absent in existing research.
  • In African countries, social cleansing almost always takes the form of witch hunting, which is most common in areas with poor economic circumstances.
  • The largest myth around social cleansing in Latin America is that these killings are all related to drug use.
  • His motivation to kill is part social cleansing, part mental degeneration.
  • Most scholars agree that the cause of social cleansing efforts is a result of "interaction of economic conditions and cultural factors."
  • An estimated 5 people per day fell victim to social cleansing operations in 1995.
  • While often accusations are raised to the effect of creating a scapegoat, not all forms of social cleansing are connected to witch hunting.
  • Social cleansing and gang killings make up a large portion of the homicides in Guatemala.
  • These killings are understood to be a form of social cleansing, as the victims are often widowed or divorced women whose land is desired.
  • Furthermore, young and destitute male gang members, especially those blamed for homicide of females, have been common victims of social cleansing.
  • Furthermore, 2% of female victims of homicide are prostitutes, a common victim group of social cleansing efforts.
  • Social cleansing efforts are targeted against gangs and other perceived and actual criminals, who are blamed for the high rates of homicide.
  • Residents of the estate believe that this is covert social cleansing plan, instigated by London Borough of Newham council.
  • Intimidation is carried out both through torture tactics used as well as propaganda including flyers and stickers that support social cleansing as a "method of social control."
  • Victims of social cleansing in Colombia are members of society who are considered "undesirable" and "disposable."
  • They include private militia funded by landowners and business; drug traffickers' hit squads and 'social cleansing' death squads.
  • Though female victims account for 10% of all homicides, over 18% of cadavers with signs of torture indicating social cleansing were female.
  • In Venezuela, parapolice have been blamed for the 'social cleansing' of poor men in the state of Portuguesa.
  • Social cleansing in Guatemala is closely tied to feminicide.
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