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  • If I could only get it down and smuggle it away with me! Cited from Wilfrid Cumbermede, by George MacDonald
  • Can you smuggle her into the castle without any one knowing a thing about it? Cited from A Fool and His Money, by G.B. McCutcheon
  • The sisters called another doctor, who smuggled her food when he saw her condition.
  • They've got so they only smuggle the goods over in the night now. Cited from Tom Swift and his Great Searchlight,by V. Appleton
  • Still, all of that pleasant race will read their husband's letters and smuggle. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • We'll have to smuggle you out here if there's any trouble to-night. Cited from A People's Man, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • You've got to keep your word and smuggle me out. Cited from The Ear in the Wall, by Arthur B. Reeve
  • He used his label as a front to smuggle goods inside his clothing.
  • The women were able to smuggle in some much needed food.
  • They smuggled it off, gave up the farm, and went to the city to live a fine life.
  • However, there's a chance you may find a boat on the coast to smuggle you over. Cited from The Blue Pavilions, by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • His intention was to smuggle us away before the State became free. Cited from The Story of Mattie J. Jackson, by L. S. Thompson
  • Sometimes, it is true, they smuggle in a few years: but fifteen years! Cited from The Grip of Desire, by Hector France
  • The one they smuggle, but where get they the other? Cited from Janice Meredith, by Paul Leicester Ford
  • It was broken from its staff and smuggled away to an unknown fate.
  • They also try to smuggle them across the border line. Cited from The Mask, by Arthur Hornblow
  • He also worked as hard as possible to smuggle anti-government material out of the Soviet Union.
  • You can smuggle her out the way you smuggled her in and take her back to her mother. Cited from Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm, by Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • I smuggle peace and truth from one country to another.
  • Therefore they don't require to smuggle the fish so much as one might suppose?-No. Cited from Second Shetland Truck System Report, by Guthrie
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Meaning of smuggle

  • verb Import or export without paying customs duties
    She smuggled cigarettes across the border