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  • A smoky fire was started on the ground to show the wind direction.
  • The music video for the song shows the band playing in a smoky bar.
  • Both of these buildings were dark and smoky inside, with no windows and usually only one low door.
  • Upon returning home, Smoky married and devoted herself to her husband and children.
  • You can feel the smoky bar rooms this music was born in.
  • She went to England to do stage work such as Smoky Cell.
  • As a young man he worked at a smoky race track, running bets for people.
  • It is placed above the very spot that Smoky was laid at her final resting place.
  • Smoky immediately became popular with the other wounded soldiers.
  • Her family wanted her to return home, so Lois Smoky cut her painting career short.
  • The place at which she is playing is a smaller bar or club with a smoky, rather dark atmosphere.
  • He sends Smoky to a health farm to get back into shape.
  • On the table where my letters were, a smoky oil lamp was burning. Cited from The Great War As I Saw It, by Frederick George Scott
  • In the end, Smoky has completely recovered his former health and personality.
  • It was considered the most attended (non-dinner) show in the Smoky Mountains.
  • She has long, dark hair and smoky, grey eyes.
  • Later the contestants have a make-up lesson where they learn how to create a smoky eyes make-up.
  • The color is usually smoky brown, but also pink, red, green, blue, or rarely white.
  • The band first began playing in local bars and smoky clubs around Beijing.
  • She was known for a "smoky" voice and calm but often critical tone.
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  • adjective Marked by or emitting or filled with smoke
    smoky rafters, smoky chimneys, a smoky fireplace, a smoky corridor