smilingly down

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  • The man glanced smilingly down at the slight figure. Cited from Destiny, by Charles Neville Buck
  • After leaving the Hotel Dantzic, with his unexpected supply of money, Jack walked smilingly down toward the business part of the city. Cited from Crowded Out o' Crofield, by William O. Stoddard
  • Fortunately the bright moon looked smilingly down upon us, and illuminated our path so brightly, that the horses carried us with firm step over every obstruction. Cited from A Visit to the Holy Land, Egypt, and Italy, by Ida Pfeiffer
  • She greets him and glances smilingly down into the dismal hole! Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. IX, Ed. by Francke
  • Just as they gained the spot where he sat Ned and Jack came out of the jungle of broken rocks to the south and looked smilingly down at the prisoner. Cited from The Boy Scout Camera Club, by G. Harvey Ralphson
  • But all his wrath fell impotently on the new Duchess, who returned his presents and settled smilingly down to enjoy her new dignities and her honeymoon. Cited from Love Romances of the Aristocracy, by Thornton Hall
  • You must slide smilingly down to the bottom or, in horror at that eventuality, creep up again and reach out pathetically for a resting-place at the top. Cited from The Life of Reason, by George Santayana
  • He looked smilingly down; a sudden wave of half-humbrous pity for a thing so frail and amazed swam about him; before he knew he had kissed her cheek. Cited from The Forest Lovers, by Maurice Hewlett
  • Cora, his wife, stood beside him, looking smilingly down in his face, while her left hand toyed with a stray ringlet that would protrude itself from beneath her husband's cap. Cited from The Lost Trail, by Edward S. Ellis
  • For nearly a week there was scarcely a sign of life in the streets of Oakland, but at the end of that time the storm abated, and the December sun, emerging from its dark hiding-place, once more looked smilingly down upon the white, untrodden snow, which covered the earth for miles and miles around. Cited from 'Lena Rivers, by Mary J. Holmes
  • A fat Italian granddaddy washes a kiddie's hand from the fountain and a man with a demijohn and a sense of humor goes smilingly down the path and what he has in the demijohn is none of our business. Cited from Vignettes Of San Francisco, Almira Bailey
  • But nobody can hide from the Dream-Fairies, and least of all could Sweet-One-Darling hide from them, for presently her laughter betrayed her and the two Dream-Fairies perched on her cradle -- one at each side -- and looked smilingly down upon her. Cited from Second Book of Tales, by Eugene Field
  • It was for thee the seed of Zeus, Stout Herakles, and Leda's twins, did choose Strength-draining deeds, to spread abroad thy name: Smit with the love of thee Aias and Achilleus went smilingly Down to Death's portal, crowned with deathless fame. Cited from The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 2, by Warner