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  • Then they suddenly discovered that he was a much smarter fellow than he looked. Cited from An Outback Marriage, by Andrew Barton Paterson
  • She thought he had let her get away just to show her that he was smarter than she. Cited from Old Granny Fox, by Thornton W. Burgess
  • In other words, your boy is smarter than I took him to be. Cited from Raftmates, by Kirk Munroe
  • If they don't give it to you some one smarter will wear it. Cited from Linda Condon, by Joseph Hergesheimer
  • He has written books on media interview skills, social media and smarter working.
  • Today, people are paid for working smarter and doing so for a longer period of time.
  • They're smarter on this score than all of us in this room. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
  • It's just a little smarter than some of the things that have been done before.
  • You lost your money jest because you thought you was smarter than he was. Cited from Young Wild West at "Forbidden Pass", by An Old Scout
  • No -- he'll do something smarter than that if he gets half a chance. Cited from The Red Redmaynes, by Eden Phillpotts
  • We will not try to be a smarter version of what you can find elsewhere.
  • They told him that if his idea was any good, someone smarter would have already designed it.
  • Over time an impression grew among some in the public that she was smarter than he was.
  • You are much smarter than you look, but you can't fool me. Cited from The Marrow of Tradition, by Charles W. Chesnutt
  • Lee sought to make himself fifty times stronger and smarter than he already was.
  • However, his low academic intelligence made him vulnerable to people smarter than himself.
  • It was a close thing -- had the enemy been a little smarter they might have had us. Cited from With Steyn and De Wet, by Philip Pienaar
  • If America ever presented a smarter drawing-room I never saw it. Cited from Twelve Men, by Theodore Dreiser
  • You get smarter and you understand the business a little more, so it's more responsibility.
  • I am smarter than all the girls but one but not so smart as two boys. Cited from The Flag-Raising, by Kate Douglas Wiggin
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