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  • Info SMart was a British CBBC television programme based on the subject of art, which began in 1994 and ended in 2009. more...
  • He was described by his professor as a smart and active young man.
  • The smart move would have been to take the rest of the year off.
  • A smart player will attack to his right and block to his left.
  • I don't just mean smart like you and the people in this house.
  • Location based services today are a part of everything from control systems to smart weapons.
  • They smarted under it, they who had been used to the upper hand. Cited from My Second Year of the War, by Frederick Palmer
  • He is also smart, and the other group members often ask for his advice.
  • You have a lot of smart people living in the same place.
  • I made up my mind that here were the two smartest people in America. Cited from The Iron Puddler, by James J. Davis
  • It also closed the four Smarts units after only two years of operation.
  • The Smarts won the most points based on their performance in each race.
  • But she is also known in the group for having the best street smarts.
  • The smarting of his honour has kept him from his bed, let me tell you. Cited from The Fool Errant, by Maurice Hewlett
  • Smart recognized him, having spoken to him on at least six other occasions.
  • He was in his day one of the smartest men in the service of your department. Cited from The Paradise Mystery, by J. S. Fletcher
  • His eyes smarted with sleep as he walked up and down the cold station platform. Cited from Three Soldiers, by John Dos Passos
  • Is there any one in this church who ever did a wrong thing without smarting for it? Cited from The Water of Life and Other Sermons, Kingsley
  • He is one of the smartest of all the little people who fly. Cited from Blacky the Crow, by Thornton W. Burgess
  • Seven months into the marriage, the Smarts began having serious problems in their relationship.
  • He appeared to understand clearly that they thought him the smartest bear in the world. Cited from Black Bruin, by Clarence Hawkes
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Meaning of smart

  • noun A kind of pain such as that caused by a wound or a burn or a sore
  • adjective Showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness