small allowance

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  • He had no visible means of existence except a small allowance from his father. Cited from Famous Affinities of History V4, by Lyndon Orr
  • I was satisfied to share the small allowance her father made you two children. Cited from Mystery of Murray Davenport, by Robert N. Stephens
  • His father gave him a very small allowance while he was studying.
  • My father-in-law gives me a small allowance on condition I don't live there. Cited from Mr. Waddington of Wyck, by May Sinclair
  • It had taken her a long, long time to save them out of her small allowance of pocket-money. Cited from Hide and Seek, by Wilkie Collins
  • We have talked of making you a small allowance; but that may not be necessary. Cited from Aunt Jane's Nieces, by Edith Van Dyne
  • He gave us a small allowance, not enough for the rent even. Cited from Plays: incl. Comrades, etc., by August Strindberg
  • Her uncle will provide a small allowance to her but she can never return to Limmeridge.
  • I have always attributed this small allowance to the Indian Agent who was so much against me. Cited from Ottawa and Chippewa, by Andrew J. Blackbird
  • They gave us a very small allowance of brass band when we arrived, Isabel. Cited from Entire PG Edition of William Dean Howells
  • Pa gives me a small allowance -- when he has the money; then not one cent more! Cited from The Inner Sisterhood, by Douglass Sherley et al.
  • He lived on a small allowance given to him with his two queens by the British Government.
  • His store sold low-priced goods to thousands of low-income students who survived on small allowances.
  • By selling these and some copies, he managed to eke out the small allowance his father sent him. Cited from Woman Triumphant, by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • In spite of her small allowance, she managed to dress in the prevailing style. Cited from The Bell in the Fog and Other Stories, by Gertrude Atherton
  • Her father worked in the vegetable market, and her mother suffered from consumption and received a small allowance.
  • He opened his canister, and measured out his small allowance of tea, less carefully than usual. Cited from Armadale, by Wilkie Collins
  • In many cases the older generation, if it can afford it, may give a small allowance to the recently married son or daughter. Cited from The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book, by Various
  • Properly salt-money, i.e. a small allowance to the soldiers for the purchase of salt. Cited from Germania and Agricola, Caius Cornelius Tacitus
  • The small allowance of pemmican with which he had set out had long ago been consumed. Cited from The Giant of the North, by R.M. Ballantyne
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