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  • Slowly they found this issue to be one they could not support.
  • The city developed slowly as things were left as they were.
  • For this reason these fish were occasionally allowed to die slowly at the table.
  • The city has expanded slowly over the years along river banks and on high ground.
  • The situation slowly improved in the final period and after the end of the war.
  • The war slowly turned against Philip over the course of the next three years.
  • Also, the data suggest the world has slowly increased its rate of growth.
  • The teacher will give the student a set of pieces of slowly increasing difficulty.
  • Each unit slowly made its way across the stream as they were covered by the remaining units.
  • Mission schools are slowly being absorbed into the government primary school system.
  • Tradition changes slowly, with changes from one generation to the next not being seen as significant.
  • The single did not find immediate chart success, but instead grew slowly.
  • Urban expansion, however, moved very slowly because of the events that followed.
  • The works were going more slowly than expected, however.
  • Nevertheless, after the war they slowly became more common in civil aviation as well.
  • Commonly, very long trains can be seen slowly moving alongside this highway.
  • They develop strength slowly, but their ultimate strength can be very high.
  • In the mid-19th century the city's economy slowly started to improve.
  • Germany was slowly becoming more urban and middle class.
  • Since then, the nature of the events themselves has evolved relatively slowly.
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Meaning of slowly

  • adverb Without speed (`slow' is sometimes used informally for `slowly')
    he spoke slowly, go easy here--the road is slippery, glaciers move tardily, please go slow so I can see the sights