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  • Sleepily she put her hand down to find out what it was. Cited from Honey-Sweet, by Edna Turpin
  • After half an hour they gave up and went sleepily to bed. Cited from Rosemary, by Josephine Lawrence
  • Sleepily he felt with his hands this way and that, up and down. Cited from Stories of the Border Marches, by John Lang and Jean Lang
  • Her eyes opened, and, just a little sleepily, she looked at him. Cited from Malvina of Brittany, by Jerome K. Jerome
  • Soon the girls went sleepily off to bed with a good-night kiss. Cited from The Hero of Hill House, by Mable Hale
  • The second guard sat down beside him and smiled up sleepily at the standing man. Cited from Steve Yeager, by William MacLeod Raine
  • Her eyes were tired and she closed them sleepily, but they would not stay shut. Cited from The Little Colonel's House Party, by Annie Fellows Johnston
  • He leant back sleepily against the door of the car and closed his eyes. Cited from Lady Merton, Colonist, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • Shortly after dawn, the two boys were called and came sleepily on deck. Cited from The Cruise of the Dazzler, by Jack London
  • "Are you going to keep the fire going to-night?" asked Bob sleepily. Cited from Bob Hunt in Canada, by George W. Orton
  • Then the door of the inner room opened, and Andrew came sleepily out. Cited from A Knight of the Nets, by Amelia E. Barr
  • I listened sleepily for a minute or so, but could hear nothing. Cited from The Defenders of Democracy by The Militia of Mercy
  • He looked around him, sleepily rubbing his eyes and trying to remember all that had happened. Cited from A Chinese Wonder Book, by Norman Hinsdale Pitman
  • Little Jim, who had cried in some passing fear, sat up sleepily. Cited from Judith of the Plains, by Marie Manning
  • She rose sleepily and followed him from the car, adjusting her hat as she went. Cited from Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig by Phillips
  • The mother had been blinking sleepily; now she rose and came to her young. Cited from Wilderness Ways, by William J Long
  • Then, as they made no offensive moves, it continued to regard them sleepily and without fear. Cited from In Africa, by John T. McCutcheon
  • He half closed his eyes, and sleepily reopened and shut them again. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 31, May, 1860
  • She put up her face to him sleepily. Cited from Mates at Billabong, by Mary Grant Bruce
  • "Father, will you change places with me?" she asked sleepily. Cited from Jewel's Story Book, by Clara Louise Burnham
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Meaning of sleepily

  • adverb In a sleepy manner
    the two children who were snuggled sleepily in the back of the car